Linksys Adds Wireless Router, Range Extenders

Irvine-based networking product developer Linksys said this morning that it has released a network router, along with other products for its WRT product family. Linksys said the new WRT1200AC router includes a built in network storage bay and dual band, high gain antennas; Linksys also rolled out a new MIMO router and two, networking range extenders which can be used to help extend out Wi-Fi coverage. All of the products are expected to hit shelves in spring of 2015. Among the new products are two range extenders, which Linksys says is the fastest growing networking area in the market, as consumers are adding more and more wireless devices to their home networks. Those range extenders help extend a customer's Wi-Fi network throughout their homes, filling in dead spots or weak wireless signals. Linksys--which is owned by Belkin--said in a CES media briefing and tour in December that wireless range extenders are a strategic area for the company this year.