Loot Crate Launches New Fan Commerce Site, Loot Vault

Los Angeles-based Loot Crate, which delivers monthly bundles of pop culture, gaming, and entertainment products to fans, launched a new fan commerce site, Loot Vault on Tuesday. The new site lets fans of the service snag some of the company's prior "crates", as well as special products. Among the offerings on the new site are "mystery" crates, t-shirts, and figures, where fans can order and receive those items without any idea of exactly which one of those crates, t-shirts, and figures will be. The new site both allows fans to pick up past crates--which are usually one-off, limited time items--and appears to be aimed at helping Loot Crate unload merchandise where orders did not match exactly with production numbers. Those past crates include packages for HALO, Call of Duty Black Ops III, and Comic Con.


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