Mashable: Soylent Needs A Rebrand, Fast

Los Angeles-based Soylent, which is developing alternative nutrition products aimed at eliminating the need to eat normal food--and which is a favorite of techies and gamers--is in desperate need of a rebrand, according to Mashable. The call for a rebrand comes as the company faces yet another recall on its products, this one a major safety recall involving accidental inclusion of whey in what should be a dairy-free product--a potentially life threatening issue for those allergic to dairy products. Soylent--which has the backing of such Silicon Valley heavyweights Andreessen Horowitz and Lerer Ventures--unfortunately named the company after the dystopian movie Soylent Green, featuring Charleston Heston, where the hero finds (to his horror) that the high tech, nutritional supplement of the future is actually made from people.


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