Media Temple Debuts Premium Support, Managed Hosting Services

Media Temple, the web hosting provider headed by Demian Sellfors, is already well known for its customer service and premium hosting services. However, the firm is looking to further differentiate itself in a crowded hosting market through its services. The Los Angeles company said Tuesday that it has launched two offerings, CloudTech Premium Support, and upgraded its DV Managed service.

According to Media Temple, the new tools are aimed at enhancing the experience of its customers. The new tools include CloudTech Premium Support, which the company says provides 24/7, multi-channel support at the application level, a deeper and more in-depth level of service than the company currently provides; DV Managed, a managed hosting service which the company says runs LAMP applications 25% than prior versions, includes an uptime guarantee, and is pre-loaded with popular software packages; DV Developer, similar to DV Managed; and DV Enterprise, a single tenant managed hosting offering.