Mediaplex Adds Behavioral Targeting

Mediaplex, the technology division of online advertising firm ValueClick, has ventured into the behavioral targeting arena, with a new product, the firm said yesterday. The division of Westlake Village-based ValueClick said that its new product will allow advertisers to segment their qualified customers, based on prior activity on the web. The solution, which is being sold as the firm's Dynamic Behavioral Targeting suite, uses prior Internet traffic to change which banners are being shown to users. Other features of the suite include dynamic optimization of ads based on performance, rich media advertisement support, and reporting tools. Pricing and other details of the new offering was not disclosed. Behavioral targeting is being used by online advertisers to narrow down possible customers; for example, targeting buyers who might be in the market for a new car, based on the fact that they've been frequenting web pages and sites about new cars.


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