Miss Piggy Goes Live With Online Chats On Facebook

Attention Muppet fans! Did you ever wish you could talk to Miss Piggy on a one on one chat? Miss Piggy has been offering up one-on-one, live chats via Facebook Messenger all this week--part of the first deployment of technology from the Disney Accelerator. According to Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media Labs, The Muppets Studios and Disney Accelerator company imperson, Miss Piggy offered up live chats both Monday and Wednesday, and will also do so on Friday between 10am and 11am PST on her Facebook page. Miss Piggy--who has returned to the screen on ABC with the The Muppets--is the first character brought to life by imperson, which is using artificial intelligence technology to offer up one-on-one interaction with fans. Miss Piggy responds directly to Facebook Messages.