MobiGirl Media Targets Mobile Ads For Girls

If you're the developer of a mobile application targeted at young girls, how do you monetize that application? A new, Los Angeles ad network, MobiGirl Media recently launched its niche, mobile ad network, specifically aimed at advertisers and app developers targeting girls between the ages of 6 and 16. The ad network said it is providing COPPA-compliant advertising to such popular mobile apps as Singing Daisies, Teen Dream House, My Pet Hospital, Pony Girls and Pop Star Dress Up. The ad network is an alternative to the current crop of mobile ad networks, which are very poorly targeted towards the demographic; MobiGirl said it solves that by providing ads which are girl-oriented, age and content appropriate and interesting to the girls who read them. The new mobile ad network lists Cara Hall, Jen Noonan, and Alison Bradley as co-founders.


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