Mobile Roadie Launches Preview App

Los Angeles-based Mobile Roadie, the developer of mobile applications for celebrities and brands, has released a new app which helps its customer preview their applications before actual release. According to Mo bile Roadie, its new Mobile Roadie Connect product allows its customers who are building applications, to see what their app will look like, test out features, and more, before actual release of that software to customers. Mobile Roadie said the new app will help its customers test apps, decreasing the chance of "mess-ups" and last minute changes to apps while the app is submitted to Apple for approval for the App sStore. Mobile Roadie said those apps could only be previewed through its content management system before. Mobile Roadie is powering apps for Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Madonna, The Beatles LOVE, Linkin Park, Bon Jovi, and many, many others.


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