mobileStorm Dangles $1000 For Employee Tattoos

Looking to spur a show of company spirit, Jared Reitzin the CEO and founder of email and mobile marketing firm mobileStorm, is dangling $1,000 to any employee who gets a tattoo of the company's logo, and allows him to blog about it--and has tattooed his company logo on his own ankle, in his own show of dedication to his firm. Reitzin said today that he decided to tattoo the firm's "tornado" logo on his ankle, as a "permanent testament" to his firm, and is hoping that employees at his firm might follow suit. Reitzin explains, "I thought about all of those things and to be honest its been 10 years building this baby," and wanted to have a "permanent testament on my leg to (that) perseverance, persistence, and determination." So far, the firm has no takers--though Reitzin says an employee offered to put on one the inside of her lip. Reitzin said that "As an entrepreneur you need to be insanely dedicated to your cause" and that the tattoo shows his own dedication to his firm.