Hello Music Hits 225,000 Members
Los Angeles-based Hello Music, an online marketplace aimed at musicians, said this week that it now has over 225,000 members. The company, which helps hook up musicians with instruments, home recording gear, studio time, and other products and services, said it is seeing major growth via its social commerce efforts, particularly via Facebook and its Facebook page. The firm said it is seeing a 20 percent per month growth rate in members, having doubled from 100,000 members in November. Hello Music also provides iPhone and Android applications which help members see deals and other buying opportunities on its market. Hello Music is led by Rick Camino. The firm offers up deals aimed at musicians and is backed by Elevator Labs, the business incubator headed by ex-Virgin Digital execs Brendon Cassidy and Zack Zalon. Elevator itself is backed by private equity firm KGC Capital.
posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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