TranscribeMe Gets Funding From TCA, Maverick, Keiretsu
Three active angel investment groups--The Tech Coast Angels, the largest and most active angel investment group in Southern California; Maverick Angels, and Keiretsu Forum, have backed a developer of transcription services, TranscribeMe. TranscribeMe revealed today that it hasraised $900,000 in a funding round, which closed last week, which was led by the Keiretsu Forum, and which also included the Ice Angels, Maverick Angels, Sand Hill Angels, Sierra Angels, TEC Ventures, and Tech Coast Angels. The investment is an unusual one for the Southern California angel groups, as in TranscribeMe was started in New Zealand, and has its U.S. operations in Emeryville. TranscribeMe is using a hybrid of machine translation and real, human translators to power its mobile translation service.
posted on Thursday, November 29, 2012 (Link to more information)

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