Insights and Opinions: Finding the startup that will succeed

Most startups fail, but some of those startups doing extraordinarly well. How do you figure out if that startup you are interviewing is going to succeed? In our Insights and Opinions section, Nick Hulse, Chief Revenue Officer at Rubicon Project, gives some tips on what to ask and how to figure that out.

What's preventing you from finding and joining Start-Ups that will succeed?

All of us who venture into small businesses want to be part of a big success story.  Facebook, Google and Apple have all become household names making so many of their teams multi-millionaires and industry icon's.  It's the ultimate dream of founders, early employee's and industry talent that build the business and all want to be part of an incredible journey and reap the rewards that come with a successful outcome. (More...)

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posted on Thursday, November 29, 2012

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