BEASTMODE.FM Makes Following, Finding New Music Easy
Are you a fan of new music? Wish you could automatically hear and follow the latest tracks people are talking about on music blogs? That's the whole idea behind BEASTMODE.FM, the newest creation of Matthias Galica, the Los Angeles entrepreneur who runs StartupDigestLA and heads up QR code startup ShareSquare. Galica's new service allows users to automatically stream the tracks being talked about on a range of music blogs, for free. The service--the audio equivalent of an RSS reader--allows listeners to listen to whatever the latest tracks show up on music blogs, or listen to music classified by their musical interests, whether that is hip hop, electronic, indie, folk, rock, pop, or a number of other categories. The service features bells and whistles like marking favorite tracks, filtering by genre, narrowing tracks to those from only certain blogs, and more. The firm is tapping streams from, Youtube, Soundcloud, and others for its tracks. The service is also available via an Android app. BEASTMODE.FM has been running in beta since December.
posted on Thursday, January 17, 2013

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