Mojix Expands RFID Line

Los Angeles-based Mojix has expanded the firm's RFID products, the firm said this week. According to Mojix, it has expanded its line of RFID transmitters, adding a new line of products specifically for mobile, handheld, and outdoor use, as well as a multiple port device to supply power to passive RFID tags. Mojix develops hardware used to extend the reach of current RFID systems, and is venture backed by Oak Investment Partners, Red Rock Ventures, and InnoCal Venture Capital. Mojix said its new multiple port Mojix eNode product provides lower cost and more reliable RFID deployments. Separately, the firm said it has rolled out its Mojix eLocation software into field trials in the U.S. and Europe; the software works in conjunction with the company's passive RFID tags for data collection and signal processing. The firm's hardware and software is used for real-time tracking of materials and other RFID tagged items in real time.


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