Morphlabs Raises $5.5M

El Segundo-based Morphlabs, the latest startup of Winston Damarillo, is announcing today that it has raised $5.5M in a Series B financing round. The round was led by Global Gateway Investment Group (G2iG), and also includes Frontera Group LLC, CSK Venture Capital Co. Ltd. and AO Capital Partners Ltd. Morphlabs said that the funding will go to accelerate expansion in the United States and Asia. Morphlabs is developing a cloud-based computing appliance which is used to manage and deploy elastic computing clouds. Damarillo is best known for founding Gluecode, which he sold to IBM in 2005, and has since been starting up firms whose basis is open source software. With Morphlabs, Damarillo is turning his focus to the cloud computing sector, and specifically towards the deployment of Amazon EC2-compatible clouds by Internet Service Providers, plus by enterprises themselves developing private cloud capability. More information »