Morphlabs Takes On Amazon AWS With OpenStack Platform

Morphlabs, the developer of cloud-based infrastructure software, announced today that it has launched a new, Openstack-powered public cloud platform. The firm said the new software allows service providers to implement their own, public cloud software--and claims that it out-performs the giant in the market, Amazon Web Services. Morphlabs said its software is aimed at helping service providers compete head-to-head with Amazon Web Services. The new software is an extension of Morphlabs' existing software for deploying private clouds, mCLoud Helix.

Morphlabs new public cloud product is mCloud Osmium, which it says include built-in billing software, and allows service providers to offer up their own OpenStack clouds in increments of 100 VPU and 15 terabyte blocks; the software costs $10/vCPU/month and $100/TB/month. The new software takes advantage of the open source infrastructure and specifications of OpenStack, an open software stack and set of specifications which lets cloud application developers deploy their software across a number of internet service providers. OpenStack is taking aim at Amazon Web Service, looking to provide a more open, portable option to Amazon's web offerings.

MorphLabs is venture backed by AO Capital, BroadBand Tower, CSK Venture Capital, Frontera Capital, Global Gateway Investment Group, and Siemer Ventures. The firm's CEO, Winston Damarillo, is an open source veteran who has been involved with such companies as Gluecode Software (sold to IBM).