MP3tunes' Robertson Claims Legal Win

Michael Robertson, the former founder of and CEO of San Diego-based MP3tunes, an online music storage service, is claiming a win this morning in a lawsuit filed against Robertson by EMI. According to Robertson in an email, the court has dismissed claims against Robertson, who had been named personally in addition to MP3tunes, for copyright infringement related to the firm's service for storing music online. Robertson said the dismissal clears the way for the case against MP3tunes to proceed. Robertson's latest venture allows users to store copies of their CDs online, and allows streaming of those CDs to PCs, phones, and other devices. The lawsuit is the latest in a long chains of lawsuits against Robertson and his companies by the music industry; was sued by nearly every music company in the business; AnywhereCD, another venture of Robertson's, was sunk by a lawsuit against the firm by Warner Brothers. Robertson has even pitted himself against Microsoft, and was forced in 2004 to change the name of one of his ventures, Lindows, to Linspire after a trademark infringement case with the software giant.