Mushroom Networks Ships T1 Replacement Technology

San Diego-based Mushroom Networks announced today that it has rolled out a service which offers "better than T1" speeds to broadband subscribers, at a significant savings to traditional T1 service. According to Mushroom Networks, which is a spinout of UC San Diego, it has created a new product which ties up to six broadband connections together to form a single, high-speed Internet connection. The firm is calling its service its Broadband Bonding Service, and uses multiple DSL lines and/or cable modem connections to add bandwidth and traffic to a customer site. The firm is targeting everything from large enterprises to small and medium businesses with the offering, which is aimed at eliminating the need for traditional T1 connections. Mushroom Networks said its service is available for a $50 monthly fee, excluding cost of CPE equipment. Mushroom Networks is headed by Cahit Akin, who was formerly a venture partner at ITU Ventures.


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