MyLucke Launches Private Parking Marketplace

In an interesting twist on an Airbnb-for-anything, a new, Los Angeles startup, MyLucke, has recently launched a marketplace for private parking spaces in Los Angeles, which lets people with their own parking spaces--say, your driveway--make them available to others. The startup says it lets users make their private parking spots available to others on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and is aimed at helping to make more parking spaces available for both consumers and commuters. The startup is led by Emily Webb, who as tired of paying $30 to $40 a day for public parking around Los Angeles. The startup's app has potential in such congested parking areas as Venice, Santa Monica, and elsewhere, where there is a severe shortage of parking for growing technology companies--but many residents who may be out during the day having commuted to their own out of area jobs. According to MyLucke, it lets parking spot owners set their own rates, letting them keep 100% of the rate, and adds an additional 20% on top of that rate for itself.


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