MySpace, WSJ To Send User To Davos

Los Angeles-based social networking site MySpace, The Wall Street Journal, and the World Economic Forum today said that the firms are in a contest to send a "citizen journalist" to the Davos World Economic Forum. According to the firms, the "citizen journalist" will join the Davos press corp, and report on conference news and interview world leaders for MySpace and The Wall Street Journal. Winner of the contest will be selected from users who upload a video to MySpace, naming one global and one local issue that the user has been involved in, and what they've learned from those issues; what country caught the user's attention most this year and why, detailing the issues faced by citizens; and what "pressing global issue" has been underreported, and how they would draw attention to that issue. The firms are providing an all expenses paid trip to Davos and invitation to events and meetings.