MySpace Further Connects To Facebook

Further acknowledging that the firm has lost its former status as the center of the social networking universe, MySpace announced Thursday afternoon that it is now allowing its users to port information, likes, and interests from users' Facebook profiles over to MySpace. MySpace said its new feature--Mashup with Facebook--will link a user's stream with entertainment content based on their interests in music, celebrities, TV, and movies. In addition to the new connections to entertainment content, MySpace also said it will soon be implementing Facebook's "Like" button across its site.

The announcement follows the move by MySpace to refocus the brand on social entertainment, music, celebrities, and videos, which it had detailed at the end of October. Among the new features of Mashup with Facebook is the use of Facebook "likes" and "interests" to match users to relevant MySpace topic pages, profiles, and programming around that entertainment content, and the ability to create a brand new, MySpace profile based entirely on a user's Facebook account. Last month, MySpace also added a new "Facebook Sync" feature which allows MySpace users to sync their updates with their Facebook profile and pages.