NetZero Offers Up Free, Wireless 4G Data To Facebook Friends

Woodland Hills-based NetZero Wireless, the 4G wireless service run by United Online, announced that it has launched a campaign to give away free 4G wireless data to Facebook users. NetZero said it will offer one free gigabyte of wireless data per month to its current users to give away to their friends on Facebook, via a new "Netzero 4G Data Share" program. NetZero is offering free, 4G wireless---powered by Clearwire--with data transfer of up to 200MB/month, in addition to tiered plans starting at $9.95 for 500MB/month. The program appears to be an attempt to create virality in awareness of its service, and comes only a week after NetZero started seeing competition from another, free 4G wireless carrier--FreedomPop--down the street.