New Use For Avatar Technology: Tattoo Previews

In a new twist on the use of 3D, virtual avatar software, Aliso Viejo-based Darwin Dimensions. the company behind the Evolver avatar creation software, is powering an online website where people can preview custom-designed tattoos on their bodies. According to Australian firm Obsessive Ink, it has launched a web site where users can preview a 3D, virtual representation of a tattoo on their body, using Evolver's 3D technology. Obsessive Ink said it will allow anyone to upload their own, tattoo designs which can be overlayed on realistic 3D avatars created using Evolver's technology. The designs can include photos, art, and can be modified and viewed before going to an actual tattoo studio. Darwin Dimensions' avatar technology had previously been applied to virtual worlds, online games, social networking, and for professional animation projects.


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