Friday, June 18, 2004
Oraxion Raises $8M
Pasadena-based Oraxion Diagnostics has raised $8M for its advanced metrology systems for the semiconductor industry. The funding came from Mohr, Davidow Ventures and Idealab. Oraxion is developing systems for measuring the flatness of semiconductor wafers, a key need to increase yields in semiconductor manufacturing. Oraxion's technology is derived from research by Professor David G. Goodwin at Caltech and Dr. Subra Suresh at MIT, the company's scientific founders.

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Napster Gives Away MP3 Players
Los Angeles-based Napster ( announced that the company is offering new subscribers free MP3 players with a yearly subscription to the service. Napster is offering music subscribers either a Rio Chiba Sport or an upgrade to the Rio Nitrus, if subscribers sign up for an annual Napster subscription. The Napster subscription runs for $119.40 a year, and the retail price of the Rio Chiba Sport music device is $129.99. Napster is offering legal downloads of music, and is owned by Roxio (More info...)

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CitySearch Relaunches Movie Section
Los Angeles-based Citysearch said yesterday that it has launched a new movie section, focused on helping advertisers reach moviegoers. The company said that the new section is designed to allow movies position against competitive film offerings. Citysearch offers users a way to find movies at local theatres, and is focusing on the local search market for such things as restaurants, nightlife, attractions, hotels, and spas.

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Diver Entertainment Systems Ships Underwater MP3 Player
San Diego-based Diver Entertainment Systems ( and Milpitas-based iRiver announced yesterday the availability of a new, fully submersible MP3 player. The H20 Audio DV players are designed to be fully submersible up to 200 feet, and allow users to enjoy digital audio while SCUBA diving, snorkeling, or participating in water sports. iRiver already provides portable audio devices, and has tapped DES for its durable, waterproof housing and amplifier. The companies are marketing t (More info...)

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