Friday, August 13, 2004
Interview: Steve Iverson, Streamload
Steve Iverson is President and CEO of San Diego-based Streamload, which recently received a round of funding for its online services. I caught up with Steve to get a better idea of what Streamload is doing, and the value of its services. BK: What's Streamload, and how are your users using your services? SI: Streamload is an online service that makes it easy for people to send, receive, and access files of any size; including entire music and video collections. We offer free unlimited storage a (More info...)

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Ticketmaster Rolls Out Call Kiosks to Atlanta Braves
Los Angeles-based Ticketmaster ( announced that the Atlanta Braves are implementing Ticketmaster's Will Call Kiosks, which allows baseball fans to pick up their tickets at Will Call Kiosks next to ticket box offices. The company's new technology provides a way to print out tickets on site for fans who have purchased tickets via the Braves or Ticketmaster web sites, or via phone. The kiosks work much like airline electronic check in kiosks, printing out tickets when customers (More info...)

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XIMETA Releases SOHO Storage Enclosure
Irvine-based Ximeta ( announced that it has released a new product designed for system integrators and value added resellers targeting the small office-home office (SOHO) market. The company's new NDAS Enclosure allows system integrators to build a network storage solution by adding any white box storage. The company's chips and software drivers allow storage access via Fast Ethernet or USB 2.0 connections, and looks like a shared network drive to end users.

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Semtech Ships Notebook Power Controllers
Camarillo-based Semtech ( announced two new power supply controllers for Intel Pentium M notebook PCs. The company's SC450 and SC451 power supply controllers comply with Intel mobile PC standards, and help increase battery life in portable computers. Semtech provides power semiconductors and controllers for OEMs who are designing notebooks and other computer systems.

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