Monday, August 30, 2004
Interview: Brendan Rizzo, President and CEO, Demarc Security
Brendan Rizzo is President and CEO of Carpinteria-based Demarc Security ( I spoke to him about Demarc and where they fit in the security market. BK: Tell me a little bit about Demarc -- what is Sentarus, and how does it fit into the security software landscape? BR: Demarc is a global provider of dynamic threat management solutions, including intrusion detection and intrusion prevention, to organizations in more than 25 countries around the world. Sentarus is our dynamic threat (More info...)

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FrontBridge Acquires MessageRite
Marina Del Rey-based FrontBridge ( announced that it is acquiring Irvine-based MessageRite (, a provider of email and instant messaging archive services. MessageRite stores an archived copy of all internal and external messages and instant messages for the purposes of regulatory compliance, legal discovery, and business continuity. FrontBridge will integrate those servies into its spam filtering managed service, and said that existing MessageRite customers (More info...)

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Ulead Included With Pioneer DVD Drive
Torrance-based Ulead ( announced that Pioneer Electronics will include the company's software in a bundle with Pioneer's new DVR-A08XL, multiple-format, double-layer DVD drive. Ulead's software provides video editing, DVD creation, media management, and DVD playing and burning capability. Simi Valley-based NovaStor's backup software is also included in the new bundle.

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StoneFly Lands Customer
San Diego-based StoneFly Networks ( announced that Rosemont Illinois-based Ecker Enterprises has deployed the company's IP-based backup solution. Ecker is a provider of specialty contracting. Ecker will use the company's IP SAN-based disk-to-disk solution for data backup and recovery. StoneFly's solution provides storage consolidation, provisioning, replication, as well as backup and recovery based on IP technology.

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Accelerate your time to market with On Demand Engineering
Accelerate your time to market with On Demand Engineering from PacInfo

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