Friday, September 24, 2004
Cogent IPO Hits Market
South Pasadena-based Cogent has started trading today, as it offered 18M shares of its stock at $12M. The company raised $216M in its initial public offering this morning. $65M of the offering will go to CEO Ming Hsieh, who was owner of 100% of the company prior to the offering. Cogent develops automated fingerprint recognition systems, used by law enforcement agencies and the Department of Homeland Security, among others. The systems capture fingerprint images electronically, and allow those ag (More info...)

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Iomega Cuts Staff
San Diego-based Iomega announced yesterday that it is undergoing a restructuring of the company, and will lay off 145 employees (roughly 25% of the company's workforce). The company is also closing facilities and selling off assets in a bid to regain profitability. The company said that the layoff would affect the company's workforce worldwide. As part of the restructuring, the company also said that it was discontinuing development of its DCT (Digital Capture Technology) drive, which was expect (More info...)

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Verizon Expands 3G Wireless Coverage
Verizon Wireless is significantly expanding the availability of the company's wireless broadband services, making its services available in more than 14 major metropolitan areas starting next week. The services, which include Los Angeles and expansion of services in San Diego, compete with Wi-Fi hot spots and even DSL providers. The company is offering unlimited use for a $79.99 monthly access fee. The service is expected to offer a stiff challenge to both Wi-Fi providers and wired DSL providers (More info...)

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DDD Group Gets Japanese Investment
Santa Monica-based DDD Group announced that it has received an investment of $1.9M from Arisawa Manufacturing Co, as part of a deal to integrate its 3D solutions with Arisawa's 3D displays. Arisawa is a global supplier of optical material for the rear project television market. DDD's software products will be integrated with Arisawa's 3D displays, and targeted at Asian, North American, and European consumers. According to the companies, the agreement also calls for the development of a hardware (More info...)

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