Friday, November 19, 2004
Broadcom Founder Establishes Research Prize at UC Irvine
Broadcom co-founder Dr. Henry T. Nicholas III has esablished a new, $300,000 research competition at UC Irvine, to promote collboration among UCI's faculty. According to the foundation, the Nicholas Foundation Prize for Cross-Disciplinary Research will reward high-risk/high-yield pilot research. The prize competition will be a multi-year program, with future levels of funding depending on the quantity and quality of the research projects presented this year. Nicholas has been a prior donor to th (More info...)

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RIAA Files New File Sharing Lawsuits
The Recording Industry Association of America said yesterday that it has filed a new round of copyright infringement lawsuits, this time against 761 illegal file sharers. The organization is again targeting campus users of peer-to-peer file sharing services, with the suits targeting users of college networks at 12 schools, including Boston College, Iowa State, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst College, and others. The organization said that it was specifically targeting college students t (More info...)

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Gateway Launches New Media Center PCs
Irvine-based Gateway refreshed its lineup of personal computers yesterday, introducing two new Media Center PCs. The company's 3250X Media Center PC and 7200S Media Center PC both use Microsoft's new Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 operating system to provide media features. The 7200S (list price $1399) includes a built in TV/FM radio tuner, the capability to act as a personal video recorder (PVR), and includes a DVD RW drive for burning CDs and DVDs. It utilizes an Intel Pentium 4 540 (3.2 (More info...)

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Inostor Ships SMB Storage Appliance
Poway-based Inostor announced this morning that it is shipping a new series of network storage appliances based on Microsoft's Windows Storage Server. The company's M Series InteliNAS appliances use Serial ATA (SATA) drive technology to provide from 480GB to 4.8TB of storage capacity. Microsoft's Windows Storage Server 2003 platform provides software to easily create network attached storage platforms. Inostor's platforms are available in both 1U and 2U form factors, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, (More info...)

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Research and Identify California High Tech Companies
Research and Identify California High Tech Companies has partnered with Rich's Business Directories to provide
up-to-date, verified, in-depth access to information about Southern and
Northern California high tech companies.

Rich's offers an online database of over 3500 Southern California high
tech firms, 7800 contact names, address, phone, fax, and other contact
information. Rich's has been in business since 1982, and has a
extensive research team that has phone verified all of the information
in the database.

Qualté - Director/Manager of Business Development, Los Angeles
Qualté - Director/Manager of Business Development, Los Angeles

Fast growing hosted customer relationship management (CRM)
company is looking to add to its business development team.
Must be high energy and have a proven track record of sourcing and
closing strategic partnerships with leading on-line companies.

Familarity and relationships in the internet and software markets
preferred. Min 5 years relevant experience. Company just closed
significant round of equity financing and is ready for hyper growth.
Good base with significant upside potential. No phone call pls.
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