Monday, November 29, 2004
Universal, Warner Bros, Paramount, and New Line Support HD-DVD
Major movie studious Paramount, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., and New Line Cinema all said today that they have adopted the new high definition DVD disc format (HD-DVD), and will begin issuing movie titles in the new format in 2005. Universal cited better picture and sound quality, and backwards compatibility of the format as reasons for supporting the standard, and Paramount said that advantages in cost of manufacturing and ease of replication led it to support HD-DVD. The HD-DVD format was (More info...)

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Conexant Introduces HDTV Chips
Newport Beach-based Conexant said this morning that it has introduced a new family of semiconductors aimed at the HDTV market. Conexant's new CX2418X video decoders for high-definition digital broadcast television systems are targeted at manufacturers of digital broadcast TV equipment and set top boxes. The decoders provide MPEG-4 advanced video coding (AVC)/H.264 support, which improves bandwidth utilization and compression of HDTV broadcast video content. The company said that the chip line is (More info...)

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Preventsys Goes For SarbOx Compliance
Carlsbad-based Preventsys this morning has released a new version of its software targeted at Sarbanes-Oxley 404 compliance. The company has updated its Policy and Regulatory Compliance module of its enterprise security software to include rules relates to Sarbanes-Oxley section 404, the part of the rules targeted at internal controls for protecting confidentiality, integritiy, and availability of financial, management, and reporting technology systems. The new software update reports system au (More info...)

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Green Hills Adds Server Virtualization Software
Santa Barbara-based Green Hills Software said this morning that it has introduced a new technology which allows integration of Linux and other operating system software easily into its secure operating system. The new INTEGRITY PC product creates a "virtual computer" that runs on top of Green Hills INTEGRITY operating system, allowing companies to run operating systems such as Linux without requiring porting of those applications. The company reports that Boeing is using the technology in severa (More info...)

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Inphi Launches Fast Memory Support Chips
Westlake Village-based Inphi has launched a new line of high performance chips based on the DDR2 standard. The new chips, which are used by manufacturers of systems for implementing DDR2 registered buffer and parity checking operations, support 400, 533, and 667 Mbps. The timing devices support all existing DDR2-400, DDR-533, and new DDR2-667 server memory standards and are used to create DIMM memory modules by manufacturers.

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