Wednesday, December 8, 2004
CalPERS Releases Private Equity Investment Info
California's Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), has been forced by a nonprofit action group, CFAC, to disclose its fees and profits from private equity and venture capital investments for the first time. CFAC, the California First Amendment Coalition, had filed suit to force CalPERS to disclose the documents, which show the millions of dollars in management fees paid by the pension fund to private equity firms. CFAC claims that the are heavily influenced by campaign contributions to (More info...)

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Outsourcing IT Jobs Worth $51.6B
Frost & Sullivan, an consulting company which analyzes trends in IT, has released a study which shows that the value of IT jobs exported offshore in 2004 equaled $51.6B. The firm analyzed information from 14 countries, and included interviews with IT decision makers in France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The study included jobs exported from all of the countries to lower cost regions of the world.

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H2Scan Raises $2.54M
Valencia-based H2Scan announced this morning that it has raised $2.54M from Chrysalix Energy, the Pasadena Angels, and the Tech Coast Angels. The Series B funding will go towards expanding its management team and marketing and product development efforts. H2Scan is developing hydrogen-specific leak detection and real-time process monitoring systems. The company's technology is based on work done at Sandia National Labs.

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Oak Grove Gets Navy BPM Win
Calabasas-based Oak Grove Systems said today that its business process management software has been selected by AMSEC LLC, a solutions provider for the Navy and commercial maritime industry. The company's Reactor software will be used to enable workflow solutions for the U.S. Navy's submarine fleet. The company's software will be used to manage administrtive tasks and approvals for submarine fleet and support shore organizations. The company's software is used to manage company work flows.

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