Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Tap Into Southern California's Startups!
Tap Into Southern California's Startups!

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Interview with Steve Yeich, CEO of HostedSupport
I recently caught up with Steve Yeich, CEO of, a provider of online customer support software based in Los Angeles. HostedSupport just received an initial round of funding. BK: What is doing nowadays, and what does your product offering look like? SY: We just renamed the company Hosted Support, Inc., which does a much better job of describing our product offering than our old name (Qualte). All of our marketing materials reflect the name change, and we now (More info...)

posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2005(Full story)

Report Finds US Faces Technical Decline
The AeA released a report yesterday that finds that America is losing its edge in science and technology. The "Losing the Competitive Advantage?" report says that other countries, including China and India, are dramatically increasing the skill sets of their workforce, investing in research and development, and adopting advanced technologies. On the other hand, the report says that U.S. R&D funding has declined substantially, the American K-12 education system is failing to provide math and (More info...)

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Akonix, MailFrontier Integrate Security
San Diego-based Akonix and email security company MailFrontier said today that the two companies will provide a combined instant messaging and email solution for enterprise customers. The joint solution will provide both email and IM filtering of spam, viruses, and other harmful traffic. Akonix provides instant messaging archiving, filtering, and security; MailFrontier provides email threat management and analysis.

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LightPointe Upgrades Optical Wireless Bridge
San Diego-based LightPointe announced that it has added a new outdoor wireless bridge using the company's free space optics (FSO) technology. The new bridge provides 100-Mbps Fast Ethernet performance over a distance of 1500 meters. LightPointe's equipment is designed for connecting campus LANs across buildings without requiring wiring infrastructure, reducing the cost of installation. LightePointe is venture backed and supported by Cisco, Hauwei Technologies, Sevin Rosen, and others.

posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2005(Full story)

Ixia Adds High Speed IP Networking Testing Module
Calabasas-based Ixia said this morning that it has rolled out a Terabit-Scale IP network Testing Solution for Gigabit Ethernet networks. The company's new 6-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet test module provides up to 1.2 Terabit/sec total bandwidth for Gigabit Ethernet testing, and is targeted at network equipment manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and carriers. The module works as part of the company's Optixia test platform.

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. I am not - but if your tech firm can utilize the superstar talents +
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Garry Simon, Tel (310)908-8080

Software Awards Call For Nominations
CALL FOR NOMINATIONS. The Software Council of Southern California (SCSC) has
issued a call for nominations for the eleventh annual Software Industry
Awards. The awards are presented to individuals and companies that have made
extraordinary contributions to the growth of Southern California as a center
for technological innovation.

Nominations must be received by March 1, 2005. Nominees do not need to be a
member of the SCSC, but must be headquartered in Southern California. Full
details of the nomination process and award criteria can be found on the
SCSC Web site,

Research and Identify California High Tech Companies
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