Thursday, February 24, 2005
Wispry Raises $6.5M
Irvine-based Wispry has raised $6.5M in a Series A funding from Blueprint Ventures, American River Ventures, Sid R. Bass Associates and Shepherd Ventures, as well as existing investors. The company is developing tunable RF filters and RF switch products for the cellular phone market, based on MEMS technology. The company will use the funding to ramp development, production, and sales. Wispry is a corporate spinout of Coventor, and received initial funding of $1M in March of last year from the T (More info...)

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Pfizer Acquires Idun Pharmaceuticals
Pfizer announced this morning that it has acquired San Diego-based Idun Pharmaceuticals, a company focused on discovery and development of therapeutics in the area of liver disease, inflammation, and cancer. Terms were not disclosed. Idun is developing therapies based on controlling apoptosis, the cell death process that it is the key to many diseases. The company's lead compound is in Phase II clinical trials in liver transplantation and Hepatitis C. Idun is backed by Aberdare Venture, Arch V (More info...)

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MP3tunes Beams Music To PDAs and More
San Diego-based MP3tunes announced today that it is now shipping a new music appliance calle dthe MP3beamer. The new device stores consumer's MP3 libraries on a device and allows users to access that music from computers, stereos, PDAs, and music players. The software and appliance are based on the Linspire operating system. The appliance is available for $399, and can also be installed as $69.95 software on any PC. MP3tunes is the new venture of and Lindows founder Michael Robertson.

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HireRight Upgrades Employment Screening Application
Irvine-based HireRight has launched an upgraded version of its Web-based job application system, the Employment Application Solution (EAS). The company said that its second generation application eases the amount of paperwork required for HR professionals, allowing job applicants to fill out a Web-based employment application and including integrated background screening services.

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CinemaNow Meets Big Brother
Marina Del Rey-based streamining video company CinemaNow has inked a deal with Endemol USA, a reality show producer behind Big Brother. CinemaNow said that it will offer 75 hours of reality programming from Endemol, including Big Brother, Anything For Love, Under One Roof, and other Endemol reality series. The distribution of programs through CinemaNow gives the reality show producer an additional revenue stream for its reality programming. Endemol is the producer of the popular Fear Factor real (More info...)

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Software Awards Call For Nominations
CALL FOR NOMINATIONS. The Software Council of Southern California (SCSC) has
issued a call for nominations for the eleventh annual Software Industry
Awards. The awards are presented to individuals and companies that have made
extraordinary contributions to the growth of Southern California as a center
for technological innovation.

Nominations must be received by March 1, 2005. Nominees do not need to be a
member of the SCSC, but must be headquartered in Southern California. Full
details of the nomination process and award criteria can be found on the
SCSC Web site,

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