Friday, March 4, 2005
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Tap Into Southern California's Startups!

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PhaseBridge Raises Series B
Pasadena-based has raised a Series B of funding from Clearstone Venture Partners, according to the company. Phasebridge is developing hybrid integrated optical devices and radio frequency optical technology used for the aerospace, defense, automotive, biomedical, and industrial industries. Clearstone is an existing investor in Phasebridge. Amount of the funding was not disclosed. The company also said that it has added Dr. John Gallo as VP Business Development and Dr. Steffan Koehler as VP of (More info...)

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VStar Raises $15M
Sherman Oaks-based VStar said this morning that it has raised $15M from Bessemer Venture Partners and Charles River Ventures, for its on-demand television programming for mobile phones. The company provides content from ABC News, Fox Sports, the Weather Channel, and other audiovisual programming to SprintPCS, Cingular, and Nextel subscribers. The company also said that it has appointed David Bluhm, former MForma co-founder, as CEO.

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DIRECTV Goes On Canadian Piracy Offensive
El Segundo-based DIRECTV said yesterday that it is going after 19 Canadian citizens and businesses that it says has pirated DIRECTV satellite signals and improperly activated customers. Lawsuits were filed against the Ontario-based individuals and their firms, who DIRECTV said pirated DIRECTV access cards and participated in grey market activity. DIRECTV has historically targeted satellite television pirates aggressively, and has even built in pirating counter-measures into its equipment, most r (More info...)

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ClearLight Sells FutureLogic
Private equity firm ClearLight Partners said yesterday that it has sold its majority interest in Glendale-based FutureLogic, a manufacturer of small-format embedded thermal printers. The firm sold its interest to American Capital Strategies Ltd. for an undisclosed amount. FutureLogic's printers are used in gas dispensers, medical devices, self-service kiosks and others.

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Infotrieve Launches Life Sciences Research Tool
Los Angeles-based Infotrieve is launching a new web-based search and discovery research environment for the life sciences industry. The company's new Life Science Research Center (LSRC), will provide a search engine for scientists, allowing them to search scientific, technical, and medical information across a wide variety of content sources. Infotrieve said that scientists will be able to search literature, patents, drug pipeline data, laboratory products, and more with the new tool.

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