Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Quest Completes Imceda Acquisition
Irvine-based Quest Software said yesterday that it has completed its acquisition of Imceda, a provider of database administration products. Quest announced the acquisition of Imceda in April for $46.5M in cash, and will add Imceda's products to its product portfolio. Imceda's LiteSpeed product is a leading backup and recovery solution for the SQL Server market, and includes features such as compression and encryption.

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Occam Goes Gigabit Fiber to Premise
Santa Barbara-based Occam Networks has rolled out a new blade for the company's broadband loop carrier system. The new BLC 6312 Optical Line Termination blade allows for gigabit bandwidth to subscriber premise, allowing telecom companies to create high bandwidth Ethernet networks. Occam's equipment is used by telephone companies to deliver IP-based voice, data, and video services to companies.

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CallWave Touts Call Patent
Santa Barbara-based CallWave said today that it has been awarded a patent for technology for call busy detection. The patent describes how its technology can be used to text message a mobile phone user when someone they are calling is available. CallWave said that the patent will allow them to defend their capabilities in the wireless segment and generate revenue through future licensing.

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iRise Adds to Board
El Segundo-based iRise, a developer of application simulation software, said today that it has added Merritt Lutz to its board of advisors. Lutz is a Morgan Stanley Advisory Director and the Chairman of Morgan Stanley Technology Holdings, Inc. iRise software is used by companies to model web applications before investing in software coding, enabling them to ensure that applications are built to specification and prototyping functionality.

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