Wednesday, September 7, 2005
Kazaa Ruled Illegal, Ordered To Filter Copyrighted Material
Kazaa, a file swapping network which is heavily used for swapping illegal song files and movies, was ruled illegal by the Federal Court of Australia Monday. The suit, filed by Universal Music Australia against Sharman License Holdings, the operator of Kazaa, found that Sharman has infringed upon the copyright of sound recording holders, and ordered that the companies involved be restrained from allowing Australian Kazaa users to violate copyrights. In a lengthy summary, Judge J. Wilcox ordered t (More info...)

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Insider Pages Gives Away Free Gas
Pasadena-based local search firm Insider Pages said this morning that the company is giving away free gas in exchange for reviews of local businesses. The company said that users who write 10 reviews on the Insider Pages site for particular categories of business can recieve a $10 gas card redeemable at gas stations around the country. The promotion allows users to receive up to $30 for their reviews. The review comes after the web site of Insider Pages competitor Judy's Book was nearly overcome (More info...)

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JAMDAT Adds Quiz Show
Los Angeles-based mobile phone entertainment maker JAMDAT Mobile said today that the company has signed a license agreement with Andrew J. Wood Enterprises and Granada Ventures to bring a quiz show to the company's platform. JAMDAT will bring Bullseye, a UK TV quiz show, to mobile phones. The license agreement also covers ringtones, images, video clips, and screensavers from the popular British quiz show series. JAMDAT develops entertainment titles for mobile phones.

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Paciolan Names New CEO
Irvine-based online ticketing firm Paciolan announced yesterday that it has named a new CEO. Dave Butler will serve as the firm's CEO and President, replacing Jane Kleinberger, who will remain as Chairman of the Board of the firm. Butler was most recently President and CEO of TCI Solutions. Butler has also served as President of the mid-market division of Sage Software. Paciolan serves venues with online ticketing services.

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Userplane Rolls Out API
Los Angeles-based Userplane announced this morning that it has created a new, open application programming interface (API) to its services. The company said that new plug in modules for a number of platforms will allow web site developers to interface with its Userplane Webchat application. The plug-in modules work with Simple Machines, vBulletin, Mambo, and phpNuke applications and allow administrators to connect those platforms to the Userplane chat and instant messaging applications. Userplan (More info...)

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Creating Systems That Know
Creating Systems That Know

September 15, 2005. Orange - UCI Extension/Knowledge Foundations
invites you to a FREE presentation by Dr. Richard L. Ballard, Ph.D.
entitled "Creating Systems That Know". Inventor of theory-based semantic web technology, Dr. Ballard discusses new break-through knowledge science, theory-based semantic web technologies and knowledge engineering. Tested and proven through 50 projects of national importance, this technology has the capacity to capture and reason with every form of human knowledge.

In the Information Age, data was important. In the Knowledge Age,
semantics is important. Explore the future of the knowledge-centric
enterprise where machines know, reason, learn and predict outcomes and
consequence just like humans. Detailed flyer on website.

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