Monday, September 12, 2005
MPAA, RIAA Join Internet2
The research consortium running the next generation Internet2, high-speed advanced networking network today said that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) have joined the consortium as corporate members. The move taps the two entertainment industry groups into the development of the next generation network, which has been a source of pain for the groups as a high speed platform for file sharing of movies and sound recordings. The consortiu (More info...)

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Yahoo Turns News Provider
Yahoo's Santa Monica-based content division announced today that it has entered into the news business, with a new site focused on coverage of armed conflict. The company said that it was launching a new site, Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone, which will feature coverage of armed conflict across the world. It will tap veteran war correspondent Kevin Sites to provide multimedia content, including text, video, photos, audio, and user interactivity in war zones. Sites has worked as a producer and corres (More info...)

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inQ Raises $2.5M
Los Angeles-based inQ announced this morning that it has raised $2.5M for its online marketing company. Funding came from Dolphin Equity Partners, Hudson Ventures, and new investor Vertrue. The company also announced a strategic marketing partnership with Vertrue, a provider of consumer membership and loyalty programs. inQ provides live chat solutions for web sites, and is aimed at boosting web site sales through including live chat tools at web site purchase pages.

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Preventsys Raises $7M and Finds New CEO
Carlsbad-based Preventsys said this morning it has received an infusion of $7M in funding from current investors Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, Apax Partners, and Utah Venture Ventures. The company said that the funding will be used to accelerate its revenue growth and expand its global channel. The company also said that it has appointed Patrick Harr as the company's CEO. The company did not make any statements about former CEO Thomas Rowley, and no longer lists Rowley, or co-founders Bri (More info...)

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Software Council Taps Vigilistics
The Software Council of Southern California has named startup Vigilistics as Best of Show at its VentureNet 2005 conference last week. Vigilistics was voted the best of show after presentations by ten other companies looking for venture funding and exposure. Presentations also came from Auditude, Be Here, Devinix, BrightCom, Koders, Left Bank Solutions, Make It Work, Qmotions, and Virtual Iris. VentureNet is one of a series of venture focused events in Southern California, geared towards connect (More info...)

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Creating Systems That Know
Creating Systems That Know

September 15, 2005. Orange - UCI Extension/Knowledge Foundations
invites you to a FREE presentation by Dr. Richard L. Ballard, Ph.D.
entitled "Creating Systems That Know". Inventor of theory-based semantic web technology, Dr. Ballard discusses new break-through knowledge science, theory-based semantic web technologies and knowledge engineering. Tested and proven through 50 projects of national importance, this technology has the capacity to capture and reason with every form of human knowledge.

In the Information Age, data was important. In the Knowledge Age,
semantics is important. Explore the future of the knowledge-centric
enterprise where machines know, reason, learn and predict outcomes and
consequence just like humans. Detailed flyer on website.

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