Monday, October 10, 2005
Robotic Vehicles Complete Challenge, Stanford Wins $2M
Five robotic vehicles completed the DARPA Grand Challenge robotic race this weekend, with the Stanford team pocketing the $2M cash prize for completing a grueling desert course in less than 10 hours. Twenty three autonomous robotic vehicles started on the course. Stanford's "Stanley" robotic vehicle completed the 131.6 mile course in six hours, 53 minutes, and 58 seconds, becoming the first autonomous vehicle to complete the challenge and winner of the prize. Four other teams also completed the (More info...)

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Websense Upgrades Software
San Diego-based WebSense released two new versions of its software this morning. The company released its Enterprise Version 6, a new version of its web filtering and management solution, and Websense Corporate Edition, a version of WebSense Enterprise with multi-site corporate management features. New features of the Enterprise Version include email and onscreen alerts, better real-time security updates, and better customizatoin of filtering. The corporate edition adds multi-site and distribute (More info...)

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Commission Junction Wins eHarmony
Santa Barbara-based Commission Junction said today that Pasadena-based eHarmony is tapping the company's affiliate sales services for its web site. eHarmony is using Commission Junction's affiliate marketing solutions to drive subscriptions to its services. Commission Junction said that eHarmony has been using its associate management services since 2004.

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LightPointe Lands Cancer Center
San Diego-based LightPointe reported this morning that it has landed the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as a user. The center will use its optical wireless systems to connect a new office and share digital imaging, research data, and a wireless IP telephony system between offices. LightPointe designs free space optical systems designed for connecting buildings and campuses wirelessly. The company targets companies looking to connect high speed networks across campus environments. Free sp (More info...)

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