Monday, October 31, 2005
California Ranks High In Computer Use Census
California ranks high in both computer ownership and Internet Access, according to results released from the U.S. Census--based on 2003 data. The government report, a supplement to the October 2003 Current Population Survey, provides government information on households who have and have not adopted use of computers and the Internet. The report, released this month, showed that Internet use increased from 56 percent access in 2001 to 62 percent in 2003. The report also ranked computer penetratio (More info...)

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Qualcomm Adds Power Management IC
San Diego-based Qualcomm has announced a new power management chip for wireless devices. The wireless developer said that it's new PM7500 IC is designed for use with the company's Mobile Station Modem (MSM) solutions and radio frequency devices. The new device supports USB On-the-Go, charging support, and other features for optimizing system power consumption in wireless handsets. The chip will be availble in March of 2006.

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Apriso Signs Medical Manufacturer
Long Beach-based Apriso has signed up Sage Produdcts, a manufacturer of medical cosmetics, devices, and over-the-counter drugs for its software. The medical devices manufacturer will tap Apriso's supply chain management software to track its work-in-progress and in-transit materials.

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ViewSonic Revs Up Performance
Walnut-based ViewSonic said that its latest LCD display provides a 2 millisecond average video response time, speed that offers full motion images and optimized video performance for applications. The company is targeting the display for gaming and digital entertainment. The new display overcomes one of the limitations of using LCD screens for PC gaming, which has been a traditionally slow response time for video changes and "ghosting" of images. The display time makes games and movies easier to (More info...)

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Los Angeles-based said last week that it has named Scott MacDonell as VP of Consumer Marketing. LegalZoom provides online self-help legal documents. MacDonell has served at media director at interactive agency Citrus. He holds and MBA and MS in Computer Information Systems from the University of Miami.

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Company Health Test from Technology MarketForce (TMF)
Martin Hewett, ex-President Legent, Information Integrity Group
prior to Legentís $1.6 Billion acquisition by Computer Associates:
Discussing the COMPANY HEALTH TEST from Technology MarketForce (TMF)
"The CHT and the subsequent follow-up by TMF worked very well for us.
I was surprised by how relevant it was to our situation.
It gave us a consistent, rapid, structured and impartial process for
collecting feedback from all parts of our widely-dispersed workforce.
We were able to react quickly and change our fortunes fast. TMF also
provided ongoing valuable strategic & transaction assistance." MORE AT Email:

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