Monday, April 10, 2006
Innovation Meets Investment in Silicon Valley - Apply Today
Innovation meets Investment in the heart of Silicon Valley on June 28th & 29th, 2006.

You are officially invited to submit an application to present at the nation’s premiere investment and partnering conference - Larta Institute’s 12th Annual Venture Forum.

Since 1995, Larta Institute has successfully helped companies raise over $500 million in investment as a result of their participation in the Venture Forum.

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The 2006 Venture Forum will provide a unique opportunity for today's ground-breaking innovators to connect with hundreds of venture capitalists, angels, corporate investors and leading service providers from across the globe. More than 1000 attendees are expected to attend the Forum.


Interview with Bernard Louvat, InQ
This morning, my interview is with Bernard Louvat. Bernard Louvat is CEO of Agoura Hills-based InQ (, and is a serial entrepreneur I've
spoken to before about his companies. InQ developing a service that helps
e-commerce operators close more sales and help ease the online purchase
process through online chat. I thought I'd catch up with Bernard and hear
about his latest firm.

Ben Kuo: What is InQ about?

Bernard Louvat: Basically we are a technology based service company
p (More info...)

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Revver Gets $8.7M
Los Angeles-based user-generated video site Revver said this morning it has received $8.7M in a Series B venture round. The round came from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which led the round, along with Bessemer Venture Partners, Draper Richards and William Randolph Hearst III. Revver said it will use the funding for international market expansion, team-building and technology development. Revver is one of many sites trying to position itself in the online, user-generated video space. Competitors incl (More info...)

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Sonos Adds Bundled Solution
Santa Barbara-based Sonos, a maker of digital audio systems, said today that it has launched a new, lower priced bundle of its hardware. The firm said today that its new Sonos ZonePlayer 80 Bundle provides two Sonos ZonePlayer 80 devices and a Sonos controller for $999. Sonos has a wireless audio system that allows consumers to broadcast digital music to different "zones". The new ZP80 device is a more compact, cheaper version of the company's ZP100 player. Sonos said the new bundle is availabl (More info...)

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SmartSound Upgrades Music Scoring Software
Northridge-based SmartSound has launched an upgraded version of its SmartSound Sonicfire Pro audio software. The firm, which develops software for adding scores to film and video, said that the new SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4 software adds a new feature called "Mood Map" which allows producers to change the mood of their audio tracks without any music editing or mixing. SmartSound's software is used to generate audio tracks, and is tied into royalty free music content.

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LightPointe Gets Win
San Diego-based LightPointe, a developer of high speed, free space optics wireless systems, said today it has scored a win at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, a commercial shipbuilder. LightPointe will deploy its high speed wireless products to connect the firm's warehouse operations and corporate network. Aker is replacing a 802.11g RF bridge, which Aker said had issues due to low flying airplanes and radar interference from a nearby airport, and heavy fog. LightPointe develops free space optic netw (More info...)

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Quest Licenses Software To Adobe
Aliso Viejo-based Quest Software has licensed its newly acquired Vintela single-sign on technology to Adobe Systems, the firm said today. Quest said that Adobe will integrate its technology into Adobe's LiveCycle Policy Server product. Quest's Vintela technology provides authentication of Java and J2EE applications with Microsoft Active Directory. Single sign on products are used to allow users to sign on once to applications and for access, instead of having to maintain logins for every applica (More info...)

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High Quality Corporate Tax Services
High Quality Corporate Tax Services

High quality, cost effective tax services, focused on tax planning
and tax compliance for both multi-national and smaller businesses.

Expertise in filing and preparation of domestic federal and state
corporate tax returns, information returns for foreign entities,
foreign tax credit forms, withholding tax returns and special filings.

Assist and interact with US and foreign tax counsels and advisors:

in reviewing company’s worldwide tax position, tax programs &
structures, developing & implementing tax savings opportunities;

in monitoring, reviewing and updating the tax impact of the
company's inter-company pricing arrangements and documentation.

on financial due diligence and tax planning products for
private equity and venture capital firms.

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OnHollywood 2006
OnHollywood 2006
The digital media and entertainment market for executives
May 2-4, 2006
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

ONHOLLYWOOD is where cutting edge technology from the backstreets of
Silicon Valley meets Hollywood’s digital media revolution. This two and a half day industry insider event borrows on the “film market” tradition by providing an open environment where top digital entertainment and media entrepreneurs meet the big-time studio, telco and consumer electronics executives, venture capitalists, and media. OnHollywood delves into the challenges, opportunities, and business models of the digital era, and showcases the most innovative private companies that are revolutionizing the way media and entertainment is created, distributed, and consumed.

Create new strategic partner deals, meet big potential customers, find
investment capital and representation – all at ONHOLLYWOOD 2006.

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