Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Growth-focused Tech Companies Choose PowerMark
Global leaders like IBM and Symantec and emerging growth companies like
BasePoint Analytics and EED have something in common. They play to win.
That's why they team with PowerMark.

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StreamCast Networks Sues eBay
Los Angeles-based StreamCast Networks, developer of the peer to peer file swapping software Morpheus, has filed suit against eBay and twenty one other defendants. StreamCast said yesterday that it is seeking a worldwide injunction on the sale and marketing of Skype, and billions in dollars in unspecified damages. The filing is an amendment to an earlier filing made here in Los Angeles earlier this year. StreamCast claims that Kazaa founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis used technology belong (More info...)

posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2006(Full story) Sues Plaxo
Los Angeles-based has filed a lawsuit against online contact management firm Plaxo. said today that it is seeking damages and an injunction against Plaxo for patent infringement. In a lawsuit filed in the US District Court, Central District of California, said that Plaxo is infringing on its U.S. Patent No. 6,701,348, entitled "Method And System For Automatically Updating Information Within A Contact Database" acquired the patent when it acquired G (More info...)

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Qualcomm Files Patent Suit Against Nokia
San Diego-based Qualcomm is suing competitor Nokia in the United Kingdom. Qualcomm said this morning that it has commenced patent infringement litigation in the UK against Nokia, alleging infringement of two patents by Nokia in relation to mobile devices using the GPRS and EDGE standards. Qualcomm said that the litigation is an extension of the firm's existing patent infringement lawsuit that the firm is pursuing in the United States, which was filed in November of last year. Qualcomm seeks an i (More info...)

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San Diego Leads Nation In Jobs
The Conference Board is reporting that San Diego tops the nation in new, first-time jobs being offered on major online job boards. According to the Conference Board, a nonprofit research center, San Diego had 3.43 new online jobs posted in April for every 100 people in the labor force. San Diego was ranked ahead of San Francisco, which had 3.34 new online jobs offerings, Boston, with 3.29, Seattle-Tacoma with 3.28, and Denver with 3.24. The Conference Board said that online job ads were up fifty (More info...)

posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2006(Full story) Names CEO
Aliso Viejo-based said yesterday that it has named Neel Grover CEO of the firm. Grover, who has served as the firm's Chief Operating Officer since 2004, replaces Scott Blum, founder and CEO. Blum will remain as Chairman of the firm. In a statement, Blum said that he would focus his time on identifying strategic opportunities in the convergence of Internet retail, media and advertising, while Grover would focus on day to day operations of the company.

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Qualstar Unveils Tape Library System
Simi Valley-based Qualstar has announced a new, tape library targeted at the enterprise market. The firm announced yesterday that its XLS Enterprise Tape Library System supports up to 4 petabytes of storage, and starts at a capacity of 140 terabytes. The new system uses LTO Ultrium tape drives, and includes a standalone tape library that can handle up to 655 cartridges and 32 tape drives, along with expansion modules. The system will be available through its resellers, and will start shipping th (More info...)

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CLEARSTONE VENTURES: Venture Capital for Technology Innovators
Clearstone Venture Partners ( )
Venture Capital for Technology Innovators.

Innovation Meets Investment in Silicon Valley
Innovation Meets Investment in Silicon Valley

Innovation meets Investment in the heart of Silicon Valley on June 28th & 29th, 2006.

Since 1995, Larta Institute has successfully helped companies raise over $500 million in investment as a result of their participation in the Venture Forum.

Whether you are a university scientist or an entrepreneur seeking to
commercialize a groundbreaking technology, do not miss the opportunity to participate at the nation's premiere investing and partnering conference - The 2006 Venture Forum.

The 2006 Venture Forum will provide a unique opportunity for today's
ground-breaking innovators to connect with hundreds of venture
capitalists, angels, corporate investors and leading service providers
from across the globe. More than 1000 attendees are expected to attend the Forum.


Binary Pulse Technology Marketing. We Create Demand.
Binary Pulse Technology Marketing
We Create Demand for California's Technology Companies

For more than ten years, dozens of Southern California's industry-leading
tech firms have turned to Binary Pulse for their demand-generating
strategies and programs.

Our services include:

-- Demand Generation Planning and Execution
-- Channel Program Development
-- Lead Capture and Management
-- Web Site Development & Search Engine Marketing
-- Corporate and Product Branding
-- Online Integration Strategies
-- Reseller Recruitment
-- Multimedia Presentations
-- Social Media Marketing

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SCOTT EDWARD WALKER - A Corporate Lawyer Who Gets Deals Done
SCOTT EDWARD WALKER - A Corporate Lawyer Who Gets Deals Done

- Former big-firm NY corporate lawyer
- 12+ years of sophisticated M&A and financing experience
- Represented some of the world's largest corporations (e.g., Sony,
DaimlerChrysler) in transactions valued in the billions of dollars
- recent M&A transaction: represented Hollywood Capital, Inc. (LA) and
The Compass Group (Laguna Hills) in connection with the simultaneous
acquisition of SenTech Medical Systems, Inc. and AMF Support
Surfaces, Inc. (closed February 2006 - approx $30MM)

Give Mr. Walker a call if you are tired of dealing with corporate
lawyers who (i) do not understand your business, (ii) are constantly
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Maverick Bootcamp For Entrepeneurs
Maverick Bootcamp For Entrepeneurs
One-Day Program
Upcoming Sessions: October 13th; November 3rd

The Maverick Angels Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs teaches the fundamental
steps for becoming a successful entrepreneur, including time-tested
strategies for raising start-up capital from angel and venture capital
investors. The one-day Bootcamp is designed to provide entrepreneurs with in-depth training regarding key strategies and approaches, both personal and professional, for achieving entrepreneurial success.

The Bootcamp Will Teach You To:

-- Make a Successful Investor Pitch
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