Friday, June 16, 2006
UCSB Inventor Gets $1.3M Millennium Technology Prize
A University of California, Santa Barbara professor has received $1.3M in the prestigious Millennium Technology Prize for his invention of blue, green, and white light emitting diodes (LEDs). Professor Shuji Nakamura was awarded the prize for 2006, the world's biggest technology award. The award is presented by Finland's Millennium Prize Foundation, which looks to recognize outstanding technological achievement aimed at promoting quality of life and sustainable development. The award is the seco (More info...)

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Interview with Dave Newmark, Bid4Spots
My interview today is with Dave Newmark, CEO of Bid4Spots (, an Encino-based firm that is using online auctions to allow radio stations to sell unsold advertising space. The space has had a lot of attention recently, since Google purchased dMarc Broadcasting, a provider in the space, for what could be worth up to $1.1B. Dave told me about his firm, how it compares to dMarc, and what the opportunity is for advertisers and radio stations.

Ben Kuo: Explain to me what Bid4Spots (More info...)

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Sony Launches Blu-ray Titles
Sony Pictures has launched its first set of Blu-ray disc titles, saying that it will roll out seven BD titles next week, timed to be available at the same time as the first commercially available Blue-ray Disc players. Sony said that 50 First Dates, The Fifth Element, Hitch, Underworld, and several other titles will be available in the format on June 20th, with additional titles available throughout June and July. The launch of commercial Blu-ray products follows rival HD-DVD's launch two months (More info...)

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Movielink Gets Patent Win
Santa Monica-based Movielink has received an affirmation of a judgement that the firm does not infringe on patents for USA Video Technology, the firm said yesterday. Movielink said that the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has affirmed the district court's judgment of noninfringement in a patent lawsuit that was filed against the firm in April of 2003. USA Video had alleged that Movielink's service infringed upon a video patent. Movielink operates a movie download service.

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EdenTree Updates Software
Newbury Park-based EdenTree Technologies has upgraded the firm's lab management software. The company said this week that it has upgraded its Lab Manager software to version 5.0. The software manages network equipment and physical layer infrastructure. The new version adds a test scheduler for scheduling test scripts, and a search function to find available devices. EdenTree's software is used for lab automation and test.

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Demarc Upgrades Snort
Carpinteria-based security software firm Demarc Security is targeting users of the open source Snort network security package. The firm is offering users of that package a special upgrade kit to support the package. Demarc's Sentarus 6 software integrates with Snort security engines for network access control.

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Enterprise Adds Managing Director
San Diego-based Enterprise Partners Venture Capital has added a new managing director, announcing Thursday that it is adding Kleanthis G. Xanthopoulos, Ph.D., as a Managing Director. Xanthopoulos is currently President and CEO of Anadys Pharmaceuticals. Enterprise said that Xanthopoulos will join the firm by the end of the year. Xanthopoulos founded Anadys in 2000. Xanthopoulos will remain on the board of directors of Anadys.

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Autobytel Loses Auditor
Irvine-based Autobytel reported yesterday that Pricewaterhousecoopers has resigned as the company's auditor, effective June 30. The firm said that the resignation of PwC was not related to any disagreement between Autobytel and PwC, and that the company has commenced the process of selecting an independent registered public accounting firm.

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