Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Innovation Meets Investment in Silicon Valley
Innovation Meets Investment in Silicon Valley

Innovation meets Investment in the heart of Silicon Valley on June 28th & 29th, 2006.

Since 1995, Larta Institute has successfully helped companies raise over $500 million in investment as a result of their participation in the Venture Forum.

Whether you are a university scientist or an entrepreneur seeking to
commercialize a groundbreaking technology, do not miss the opportunity to participate at the nation's premiere investing and partnering conference - The 2006 Venture Forum.

The 2006 Venture Forum will provide a unique opportunity for today's
ground-breaking innovators to connect with hundreds of venture
capitalists, angels, corporate investors and leading service providers
from across the globe. More than 1000 attendees are expected to attend the Forum.

See http://www.theventureforum.com

Kalon Gets $10.9M
San Diego-based Kalon Semiconductor has receivd $10.9M in a Series A venture round, the firm said this morning. The venture funding round was led by Enterprise Partners, and also included participation by Avalon Ventures, Cisco Systems, and Mission Ventures. Kalon is developing high data rate, connectivity products for wireless and wired applications, based on an ultra-wideband architecture. The firm is targeting wireless USB, home multimedia, wireless high definition video (HDMI) and Bluetooth (More info...)

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BandTel Raises Series B
Newport Beach-based BandTel has raised a Series B round of funding, the firm reported Monday. BandTel said that the funding came from Seagrove LLC. The firm will use the funding to expand its sales and marketing team, and invest in marketing and business development initiatives. Bandtel provides VoIP termination to the PSTN for high volume telecom users. The firm said that it is targeting call centers, enterprise users, teleconferencing companies, and Internet Voice Response users.

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Helio Lures Customers With Trade-Ins
Los Angeles-based MVNO Helio is looking to attract new customers to its youth-oriented cell phone service with a new trade-in program. The firm yesterday rolled out a new program offering cash for cell phones, PDAs, and music players from new subscribers. The Helio Trade-Up Program is the latest move by an MVNO to drum up membership, and comes on the heels of a report today in the Wall Street Journal that cell phone startups using TV, music, and other premium services to attract users are flound (More info...)

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Emulex Gets HP Win
Costa Mesa-based Fibre Channel component company Emulex has scored a win with HP, saying that HP will integrate the Emulex FiberSpy embedded storage switch in HP's popular Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) storage line. The Emulex embedded storage switches will be used to connect drive enclosures in the EVA storage system. Emulex is a manufacturer of host bus adapters, embedded storage switches, and other platforms for the storage market.

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SoC Provider Sets Up Shop In San Diego
Imagination Technologies, a provider of system-on-a-chip IP, said today that it has opened up a headquarterse in San Diego to launch its U.S. operations. Imagination develops system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology for graphics, video and display cores, DSP/RISC, communications, and other areas for customers such as Intel, Texas Instruments, and Freescale Semiconductor. The firm said that it has hired a director of business development and director of sales to head the company's new US offices.

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Oversee.net Buys Domain Portfolio
Los Angeles-based Oversee.net announced today that it has purchased a portfolio of 35,000 domain names. The firm, which runs online advertising and search engine optimization and other businesses, did not disclose the purchase price. Oversee.net operates online lead generation, advertising, and other businesses, including its own domain monetization firm DomainSponsor. DomainSponsor serves domain name owners, who park their domain names at the firm's web site and share advertising revenues from (More info...)

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Language Weaver, CSU Chico In Grant
Los Angeles-based Language Weaver, a provider of automated language translation software, is reporting that its software is part of a half a million dollar grant at CSU Chico's College of Business. The firm's software is being used by students at the university's Localization Program to develop localized websites. Language Weaver's Arabic translation software is being used to help translate components of web sites at Dubai's Men's College into English, and the firm's French translation modules t (More info...)

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Verari Names CEO
San Diego-based Verari Systems, a provider of blade servers and storage systems, has hired a new CEO, saying today that it has hired David B. Wright to the position. Wright joins from EMC, where he was EVP in the Office of the CEO. Wright also served as President, CEO, and Chairman of Legato prior to the firm's acquisition by EMC. Verari co-founder and CEO Dave Drivvers will continue to serve as Chairman and CTO for the firm. Wright was also President and CEO of Amdahl. Verari's systems are used (More info...)

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Growth-focused Tech Companies Choose PowerMark
Global leaders like IBM and Symantec and emerging growth companies like
BasePoint Analytics and EED have something in common. They play to win.
That's why they team with PowerMark.

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SCOTT EDWARD WALKER - A Corporate Lawyer Who Gets Deals Done
SCOTT EDWARD WALKER - A Corporate Lawyer Who Gets Deals Done

- Former big-firm NY corporate lawyer
- 12+ years of sophisticated M&A and financing experience
- Represented some of the world's largest corporations (e.g., Sony,
DaimlerChrysler) in transactions valued in the billions of dollars
- recent M&A transaction: represented Hollywood Capital, Inc. (LA) and
The Compass Group (Laguna Hills) in connection with the simultaneous
acquisition of SenTech Medical Systems, Inc. and AMF Support
Surfaces, Inc. (closed February 2006 - approx $30MM)

Give Mr. Walker a call if you are tired of dealing with corporate
lawyers who (i) do not understand your business, (ii) are constantly
raising minor issues and/or (iii) charge huge fees for small

Telephone: 213-213-7315 (Downtown LA) 310-859-7177 (Beverly Hills)
Email: swalker@strategiclaw.com

Online Seminar: Structural vs. Functional Testing Techniques
Structural vs. Functional Testing Techniques. QA Insight Online Course.
This 1 1/2-hour class elaborates the differences between designing tests
from a structural (white-box) vs. from a functional (black-box)
perspective. The class provides a clear defintion of the terms along with
some examples. It specifies the levels and phases of testing that
structural and functional test strategies are able to address most and
least effectively. There will be a discusion of functional and structural
defects and how structural and functional testing can help the test
engineers discover those defects. See

Costello and Sons Technology Insurance Brokers
Insuring Innovation.

Bioscience West Map From Silicon Maps - Free Sample
Bioscience West Map From Silicon Maps - Free Sample

The 2006 Bioscience West Map & Calendar highlights over 70 prominent Bioscience companies.

Along with the support of these California Bioscience companies we have created a visual time capsule for this fast growing region entitled Bioscience West and created the perfect promotional gift, recruiting tool and wall decoration for offices and work areas in this industry.

Our Map & Calendar functions as a Who's Who in California's Biotech industry and crystallizes a sense of identity for your company's name, logo, and locations.

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