Friday, June 30, 2006
USGS, Caltech Dedicate Earthquake Media Center
The USGS and the California Institute of Technology dedicated their new media center yesterday, showing members of the media the newly renovated center. The new center includes a 10-by-6-foot video wall that was donated by Dell, showing video, presentations, and "Shake Movies" that shows an animation of seismic waves shortly after an earthquake. The new center uses a 1024-node Dell supercomputing cluster to provide shake movies of recent earthquakes less than an hour after the event. The center (More info...)

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DATAllegro Upgrades Data Warehouse Appliances
Aliso Viejo-based DATAllegro, a provider of data warehouse appliances, said this week that it has upgraded its products. The company said that it has upgraded its appliances, which are used by companies to accelerate data warehousing queries, to use dual core Intel Xeon processors. DATAllegro said that the upgrades enable it to provide query speeds that are up to 10 times faster than the company's prior version of products. DATAllegro develops appliances which are specialized for data warehouse (More info...)

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EarthLink Rolls Out Anaheim Wireless Network
EarthLink rolled out its wireless services in Anaheim yesterday, as the firm continues its quest for a replacement for its dial-up internet business. The firm's municipal Wi-Fi network will provide access for city residents, businesses, visitors, and city employees. The Anaheim rollout marks the official launch of the company's Wi-Fi service, EarthLink Wi-Fi, which the company is charging $21.95 a month for access to, along with one-hour and daily passes. EarthLink said it plans to partner with (More info...)

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Mindspeed Adds Software For Comcerto Chips
Newport Beach-based MindSpeed has added a new set of wireless software for its Voice-over-Internet processors, saying this week that its new wireless software implements GSM/CDMA and support for IP multimedia systems on its chips. The software provides VoIP, 3G, and WiFi/WiMax services, echo cancellation, and other building blocks for equipment manufacturers using its silicon. Mindspeed said that the software provides additional 3G/WiFi capability, better voice quality, and other features over i (More info...)

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Verari Taps Intel Woodcrest
San Diego-based Verari said this week that it is tapping Intel's new dual core Xeon 5100 "Woodcrest" processors for its latest blade systems. Verari has rolled out new blade server platforms using the chipset, across its line of servers. Intel's new processors provide better performance per watt of power consumption. Verari develops blade computing, rack optimized servers, and other products used by high performance computing (HPC) and enterprise datacenters. The company's products are power-opt (More info...)

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Alignent Promotes VP
Carlsbad-based Alignent, a provider of software for technology planning and roadmaps, has promoted one of its VPs. The firm said this week that it has appointed Max Hill as VP of Sales for North America. Hill was director of the companyh's Aerospace and Defense business, and previously was at Oracle. Hill led Oracle's West Area Strategic Account Sales before joining Alignent.

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Adexa Names Sales Head
Los Angeles-based Adexa has hired a new VP of Sales. The company said that it has added Brice Elliott, who was previously a group VP at i2 Technologies, to the position. Elliott has also served at ASK, Sterling Software, USN Communications, and PeopleSoft. Adexa provides corporate planning, enterprise resource planning and supply chain tools.

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