Monday, September 11, 2006
VentureNet. Your one-day pass to the future of SoCal technology!
VentureNet. Your one-day pass to the future of SoCal technology!

September 14, 2006. Westin South Coast Plaza - Costa Mesa, CA
One day. One event. One chance to see the most innovative emerging
technology companies in Southern California strut their stuff.
This is the only conference that brings together the best and brightest
technology companies from San Diego to Santa Barbara...and all points
in-between. Companies at all stages of growth - from first round Series
A to later stage Series C rounds. This year's presenting companies are
as unique as they are brilliant. Here's what you won't want to miss:
mingle with 80+ investors; network with the "who's who" of our high tech community; learn from three panels of tier-1 VCs, strategic investors and angels; hear pitches from 12 of the most promising rising stars in Southern California; enjoy breakfast and lunch

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UCSB Prof Awarded $1M EU Prize For LED Lighting Technology
The Republic of Finland has awarded UC Santa Barbara professor Shuji Nakamura with $1M Euros for its invention of blue LEDs, saying that his contributions may halve the amount of electricity consumed for lighting. Nakamura was awarded the 2006 Millenium Prizein June, and was presented the prize by Republic of Finland President Tarja Halonen at a ceremony Friday. The 2006 Millenium Prize is awarded every second year to an innovator who has developed new technology that significantly improves the (More info...)

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MLM Information Acquires Tax Compliance Inc.
New York-based MLM Information Services, which is owned by Warburg Pincus and Mason Slaine, said this afternoon that it has acquired San Diego-based Tax Compliance, Inc., a provider of property tax management software. Terms were not disclosed. Tax Compliance, Inc.'s software is used by corporations for managing property tax compliance. Tax Compliance was advised by Jeffries & Company in the deal.

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AnswerBag Adds Custom Q&A To Web Sites
Los Angeles-based, a division of Infosearch Media, said last week that it has launched a new web widget that allows anyone to provide question and answer features on their web sites. The new feature puts Yahoo Answers-style Q&A on any web site in the form of a widget. Answerbag is focusing on blogs, forums, and content sites to allow owners to provide user-driven question and answer services. The firm is trying to tap into the popularity of Yahoo's Answers service, which allows any (More info...)

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Gemstar-TV Guide, Tivo Connect
Los Angeles-based Gemstar-TV Guide and Tivo have signed a new agreement to provide Tivo's online scheduling to TV viewers using TV Guide's web site. The two firms said today that they will roll out a new online scheduling feature in 2007 that will allow users to schedule recordings of their favorite TV shows on their Tivo recorders. The deal extends an existing license agreement that Gemstar has with Tivo. The service will work with Tivo's devices and any Internet-connected PC. Terms (More info...)

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AOL Streams NBC Premieres
AOL and Burbank-based Warner Bros. Television announced this morning that the two companies will stream NBC's new series "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" and "Twenty Good Years" online. The shows will be posted a week before their network broadcasts. The new shows are premiering on NBC last this month for Studio 60, and next month for "Twenty Good Years". NBC will also provide information about all of its online shows on AOL's web site. Warner Bros. said that the deal was meant to generate excite (More info...)

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Qualcomm, Newport Media In Patent Deal
San Diego-based Qualcomm and Lake Forest-based Newport Media have signed a royalty-free patent agreement enabling Newport Media to use QUALCOMM's technology in its products. The two companies said Friday that Newport Media will use Qualcomm's technolgoy to design, manufacture, and sell certain semiconudctor chip products implementing Qualcomm's MediaFLO technology. Qualcomm has been promoting MediaFLO as a high speed, broadband video tranmissions protocol. Newport Media is developing integrated (More info...)

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V-ENABLE Adds Directory Assistance
San Diego-based V-ENABLE has announced today that it is now offering a new, hands free directory assistance service for mobile users. The firm's new Enhance Directory Assistance (eDA) product provides users with business and residential phone listings, maps, and driving directions, along with other information. The new directory service are being offered to mobile carriers as part of V-ENABLE's voice search technology.

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Websense: Samsung Telecom Hosts Trojans
San Diego-based Websense reported last week that Samsung Telecom's website was hosting malicious code, which attempts to disable anti-virus programs, modify registry keys, and log keystrokes when connecting to bank websites. The firm said it issued the release because of reports of the malicious software. The disclosure highlights the increasing risk by companies of hackers placing malicious code on corporate web sites, in order to snap information such as passwords, credit card numbers, or ban (More info...)

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Parasoft Upgrades Java Test Software
Monrovia-based Parasoft has upgraded its Jtest testing software for the Java software development language. The firm said today that its newest version, Jtest 8.0, adds automatic tracing and simulation of execution paths to find runtime bugs in Java code; automated test cases; a better tracing capability; and code reviews for software development teams. Parasoft's Jtest software runs on Windows 2000, XP, Linux, and Solaris.

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CLEARSTONE VENTURES: Venture Capital for Technology Innovators
Clearstone Venture Partners ( )
Venture Capital for Technology Innovators.

Momentum Growth Conference - September 27-28
Momentum Growth Conference
September 27-28, 2006
Computer History Museum | Mountain View, CA


**A who's who of companies with customers, revenues, partnerships, and vision... Facebook-MobiTV-Revver-Photobucket-Sling Media and more

**And the stakeholders who are watching them...
Amazon-AOL-CNET-Fox Interactive-Google-Macrovision-Microsoft-Motorola- MTV-Nokia-Qualcomm-Yahoo! and more

High-Tech Focus, Executive Coaching for Technology Company Leaders
High-Tech Focus, Executive Coaching for Technology Company Leaders

High-Tech Focus is led by Dr. Nelson Zagalsky, a certified Integral Coach and former technology sector executive who uses a holistic behavioral coaching methodology to help executives gain new insights into their management and leadership challenges, and then assists them in introducing new behaviors and competencies that enable them to capitalize on their new perspectives. The result is not only improved performance, but increased job satisfaction and time available for life beyond the workplace. Integral Coaches help clients through custom designed practices that address the multiple aspects of their being; Mind & Consciousness, Physical Body & Behavior, Relationships & Culture, and Environment. Dr. Zagalsky has personally led the engineering development and market introduction of over one billion dollars of high-tech products. He has also served in such corporate development roles as Director of Corporate Planning for Honeywell.

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