Thursday, November 16, 2006
Pharmion Acquires Cabrellis Pharmaceuticals
Boulder, Colorado-based Pharmion said late yesterday that it has acquired San Diego, California-based Cabrellis Pharmaceuticals, a company developing oncology drugs for the treatment of small cell lung cancer. The deal was worth $59M, along with two additional payments of $12.5M upon approval of the Cabrellis amrubicin product. Cabrellis is a venture-backed firm with investments from Domain Associates, Forward Ventures, Lilly Ventures, Novo A/S, ProQuest Investments, RBC Capital Partners, RiverV (More info...)

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Interview with Yoni Avital, MatchActivity
We ran into Yoni Avital, founder and CEO of MatchActivity (, earlier this week, and we were intrigued by his new firm, which is developing an online dating/activity web site focused on connecting people through activities. The firm's site allows anyone to select an activity and invite anyone to meet, and is a new angle to online dating.

Ben Kuo: Tell us a bit about your site and what it does?

Yoni Avital: MatchActivity is a new approach where people can get together (More info...)

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Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Collaborate On Web Search Standard
Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft said today that the three web site search engines will all support the Sitemaps 0.90 web crawl standard. Sitemaps is a file format initially published by Google which allows webmasters to indicate to search engines which files to crawl on their web sites. Both Yahoo! and Microsoft are now adopting the standard, and said they will use the protocol to ensure fresher search engine results. The Sitemaps standard is based on an XML file format.

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Qualcomm Buys nPhase
San Diego-based Qualcomm said this morning that it has acquired Chicago-based nPhase, a provider of solutions for monitoring machine assets. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. nPhase's products provide machine-to-machine telemetry, used to managed cellular towers, gas pipelines, assembly line robotics, truck fleets, and other equipment. Qualcomm said that nPhase will continue to offer products and services under its own brand. Qualcomm also operates OmniTRACS, a mobile commun (More info...)

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ClipBlast Collaborates With CinemaNow On Video Search
Agoura Hills-based ClipBlast said today that it is in a partnership with Marina Del Rey-based CinemaNow to enable users to search through CinemaNow's feature film trailers using its video search technology. ClipBlast will index trailers for the feature films available via CinemaNow, and point users back to CinemaNow's video on demand service through searches. ClipBlast also includes local and network television and online video sites in its index.

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United Online Enters Broadband Market
Woodland Hills-based United Online said today that it has launched a new, DSL broadband service offering as part of an agreement with Verizon. United Online said that it will begin offering two levels of broadband service under the NetZero DSL name, including a 768 Kbps service priced at $14.95 per month for six months, and 1.5 Mbps service at $19.95 per month for six month. The new service is the first for the firm, which has until now operated a low cost consumer dialup service. The service is (More info...)

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SimpleTech Shows Single Chip Flash Drive
Santa Ana-based SimpleTech, a developer of memory and storage products, said today that it is now showing a single chip flash drive. The firm said its new drive integrates both NAND flash and both IDE or USB interfaces on a single chip, with support for 128MB to 4GB of memory. SimpleTech said it is offering its single chip device as an alternative to compact flash. The device is targeted at OEMs developing applications requiring flash memory.

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Activision Receives Compliance Letter From Nasdaq
Santa Monica-based entertainment software maker Activision is reporting today that it has received a Nasdaq Staff Determination Letter indicating that the Company is not in compliance Nasdaq Marketplace listing. The letter is the result of the firm's failure to report 10-Q results for the quarter. Activision said it intends to request a hearing with Nasdaq. Activision delayed its quarterly results because of a review of the firm's stock option grant practices; the firm is one of a very large num (More info...)

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ViewSonic Expands Wireless Displays, Digital Signage Products
Walnut-based ViewSonic has rolled out new wireless display and digital signage products. The firm announced yesterday an enhanced version of the firm's wireless tablet product. The firm's 10-inch, touch screen wireless display uses 802.11b/g, and is targeted at verticals like healthcare and home automation. ViewSonic also unveiled a new 42-inch LCD display for connecting to IP networks. That display product is aimed at standalone display of content in public networks. The firm's ND4210w LCD netw (More info...)

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Verimatrix Expands In Hong Kong
San Diego-based Verimatrix, a provider of content security technology for pay television providers, said yesterday that it has established a new office in Hong Kong. Verimatrix said that it has named Laurence Peak as VP Sales for the Asia Pacific region for the firm. Verimatrix said that Asia Pacific is a key region for the firm.

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EMC Completes Avamar Acquisition
EMC Corp said Wednesday that it has completed its acquisition of Irvine-based Avamar Technologies, a provider of data storage software. EMC had previously announced the acquisition of Avamar at the beginning of this month. The deal was worth $165M in cash. EMC is a provider of storage systems and software.

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SCOTT EDWARD WALKER - A Corporate Lawyer Who Gets Deals Done
SCOTT EDWARD WALKER: A Corporate Lawyer Who Gets Deals Done

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Binary Pulse Technology Marketing
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