Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Strix Gets Investment From Samsung
Calabasas-based Strix Systems, a developer of wireless mesh networking hardware, said today that it has received a strategic investment from Samsung Ventures America. Size of the investment was not disclosed. Samsung Ventures America is the venture capital investment arm for Samsung. Strix develops wireless networking products which create WiFi mesh networks.

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Answerbag.com Opens API
Santa Monica-based Answerbag.com said this morning that it has released a question and answer API that allows users to access the firm's full database of user-generated question and answers. The API allows any site to integrate Answerbag's Q&A services into their web site. The new programming interface follows an existing widget program that allows web site owners to add Answerbag Q&A content to their web sites. The new API will be available either based on revenue share from advertising or thro (More info...)

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MTI Gets Lines of Credit
Irvine-based MTI Technology, a provider of IT consulting services and data storage integration, said today that it has entered into a receivables facility with Wells Fargo Business Credit and extended a line of credit with Comerica Bank. The firm said that the line of credit is being guaranteed by venture firm The Canopy Group, a major stockholder in the firm.

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LiveDigital Launches Advertising Program
Los Angeles-based LiveDigital, the user-generated video web site operated by Oversee.net, said today that it has launched a new advertising platform for its users. The new platform allows users of the site to select which advertisements will appear on their user pages. LiveDigital allows users to create their own "channels" with their own selection of videos, along with advertising revenue share.

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Spark Networks Appoints Berger As CEO
Beverly Hills-based Spark Networks plc said that it has appointed Adam Berger as CEO of the firm. Berger is an existing board member of the company. Current CEO and Chairman David Siminoff will resign but remain Chairman of the board. Berger is the former CEO of WeddingChannel.com. Spark Networks operates online matchmaking and dating services.

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Newport Media Opens Egypt Design Center
Lake Forest-based Newport Media, a semiconductor firm designing products for the mobile broadcast media market, announced today that it has opened up a design center in Cairo. The new design center will add additional systems design and software development resources for the firm. Newport Media's silicon provides mobile digital TV reception support in handsets, for a number of mobile television protocols.

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Materia Licenses Products To Aileron Therapeutics
Pasadena-based Materia, a firm developing catalysts, said Monday that it has licensed its metathesis platform to Aileron Therapeutics for use in its biopharmaceutical research. The deal calls for Materia to receive license fees, milestone payments, and royalties. Value of the deal was not disclosed. Materia is developing catalysts that can be used to synthesize biophamaceutical products, based on olefin metathesis catalyst technology.

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FastSoft Breaks Speed Records, Again
Monrovia-based FastSoft, which is developing technology for accelerating Internet data transfer, has again broken Internet speed records at the SuperComputing 2006 bandwidth challenge, the firm said Monday. The firm was part of an entry as part of a joint entry from Caltech, CERN, and the University of Michigan. The record this year was set by moving 17.77 gigabits per second across the Internet between disks. FastSoft's FastTCP technology was developed at the Caltech, and the founding team at F (More info...)

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