Thursday, April 5, 2007
Proximetry Raises $5M
San Diego-based Proximetry announced Thursday that it has raised $5M in a venture financing round. The company said that the funding was led by Munich Venture Partners and Rembrandt Venture Partners, and also included Investec and Windward Ventures. The funding will go towards development of the company's wireless network management products. Munich Venture Partners and Rembrandt Venture Partners have both added members to the company's board of directors as part of the funding.

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Interview with Ken Fitzpatrick, CEO, Ubiquity TV
Our interview today is with Ken Fitzpatrick, CEO of Ubiquity TV (, a new startup that is developing a new, peer-to-peer IPTV platform that it is targeted for live video broadcasting. Ubiquity TV has its headquarters split between Newport Beach and Silver Spring, Maryland. The firm rolled out its software last month, and we though it would be interesting to hear about the product. Ben Kuo spoke with Ken.

What is Ubiquity TV?

Ken Fitzpatrick: I've been in high tech for my my e (More info...)

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CalAmp Completes SmartLink Acquisition
Oxnard-based CalAmp reported today that it has completed its acquisition of SmartLink Radio Networks. The deal, which was announced earlier, was worth $8.1M in cash. SmartLink Radio Networks provides radio communications products for the public safety market. CalAmp is a provider of wireless communications products, including components for the satellite television market.

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Callwave Ships Google Widget
Santa Barbara-based CallWave has launched a new, text messaging widget for Google's popular Google Desktop software, the company announced today. CallWave said that its new gadget is a free application that allows users to send text messages from their desktop. The SMS platform allows users to easily send SMS messages in the United States and Canada from their desktop. Google Desktop is an application that allows consumers to create their own personal homepages.

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Smith Micro Licenses Technology To Sybase
Aliso Viejo-based Smith Micro Software said today that it has licensed its firmware over-the-air technology to SyBase iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase. Smith Micro's technology will be included with Sybase iAnywhere's embedded software development kit as part of Smith Micro's Insignia Open Management Client. The technology allows for remote update and upgrade of mobile devices. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Smith Micro is a provider of a wide range of communications and other software p (More info...)

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ToutVirtual Adds Microsoft Virtual Image
Carlsbad-based ToutVirtual, a software firm developing products for the growing system virtualization market, announced today that it is providing a virtualization software application for Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2. The firm will provide its VirtualIQ Pro, ready-to-run software appliance as a turnkey and pre-configured image for Microsoft' Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Test Drive Program. The program allows customers to download running software appliances to evaluate and test out pre-configur (More info...)

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DivX Releases Beta Of Video Sharing Site
San Diego-based DivX has released a beta of the firm's Stage6 online video sharing platform, saying today that it has added deeper and more accurate video browsing, real time activity snapshots, and channel customization tools. The site has been in alpha since August of last year, and is targeted at allowing users to distribute DivX encoded content to PCs and consumer electronics devices.

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