Thursday, April 10, 2008
Caltech, USC Spinoff Gets NASA Award
Medical Technologies International, a Palm Desert-based spinoff of the California Institute of Technology and the University of Southern California, has been tapped for a NASA award. The firm's software--ArterioVision--has been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, which recognizes technology being used by NASA Centers, the Departments of Defense, Commerce and Transportation, and commercial aerospace and technology companies. The ultrasound image processing software is used for early (More info...)

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Gorilla Nation Takes On Ethnic Marketing
Los Angeles-based Gorilla Nation, an online advertising representation firm focused on brands, is taking on the ethnic marketing arena with a new multi cultural marketing service, GNMulticultural. Gorilla Nation launched the new service today, saying that it will aggregate web properties servicing the African-American and Latino communities. Gorilla Nation--which sells ad space for Internet content providers--said it will provide a dedicated team of sales specialists focused on the market. Among (More info...)

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iRise Gets Visualization Patent
El Segundo-based iRise, which develops tools that allows businesses to prototype their business applications, has landed another patent for its technology. The patent, no 7,349,837, is entitled "Systems and methods for a programming environment for a simulation of a computer application." According to the USPTO, the patent was granted on March 25th, and names Maurice Martin, Stephen Brickley, Leon Amdour, Alex Kravets, Brian Fan, Dominic Infante, Stuart Larking, and Paul Aldama as inventors. iRi (More info...)

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Interview with Perrin Chiles and Chris Sherril, Adooga
Perrin Chiles and Chris Sherril, the founders and entrepreneurs behind Santa Monica-based Adooga (, are looking to help content creators find and enter the many brand contests which have emerged from the user generated video sites. The two spoke to us the other day about how they've created their web site, focused on online talent contests from brands.

What's the story behind Adooga, and how did the company start?

Chris Sherril: Essentially, what we're doing is providing sea (More info...)

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NewEgg Ties Into T-Mobile
Los Angeles-based Internet retailer, a major Internet provider of electronics and computer items, said earlier this week that it has launched a new relationship with T-Mobile USA. According to Newegg, it will offer T-Mobile as part of its wireless offerings. Financial impact and terms of the deal were not disclosed. According to, the move will broaden its presence in the consumer electronics market. is a $1.9B retailer of computer and IT products, focused on comp (More info...)

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Yardi Hires Sales Head
Yardi Systems, the Santa Barbara-based developer of property and asset management software, has hired on new VP of Sales, the firm said earlier this week. Yardi said that Peter Hill has joined it as Vice President of Sales for the Western United States. Hill joins the firm after serving at PeopleSoft, SAP, and JD Edwards. Yardi said that Hill has held leadership positions in the real estate, construction and homebuilding industries for the last 20 years. Yardi develops asset management and prope (More info...)

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Panache Adds Adobe Media Player Support
Los Angele-based Panache, which provide online video advertising, said Wednesday that the firm has added support for Adobe's new cross platform media Player. Panache said that its tools now allow video publishers to create new ads via the Adobe Media Player platform. The support is an extension of the firm's existing Flash, Adobe Flex, and ActionScript support. Panache is a provider of technology for dynamic advertising delivery within video.

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