Monday, April 14, 2008
Venture Capital Fundraising Slows, But Fund Sizes Increase
Thomson Financial and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) reported Monday that venture capital fundraising slowed during the quarter, with a 31 percent decrease in the number of funds raising venture capital funds in the first quarter. Fifty seven venture capital firms raised a total of $6.3B in Q1. Thomson and the NVCA said the amount of capital raised by funds remained unchanged. The numbers compare to 83 venture capital firms, and roughly the same amount of capital raised for the (More info...)

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Fetch Launches Employment Hiring Data Service
Los Angeles-based Fetch Technologies, a provider of software for data collection and integration, said Monday that it has launched a new, online service focused on helping companies vet their employment candidates. The firm said its new Fetch Footprint service uses artificial intelligence and deep Web extraction technologies to provide information about job candidates, drawing from public local, state and federal information sources, social networking sites, and message boards. The firm said it (More info...)

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Rubicon Launches Public Beta, Targets Ad Serving Market
Santa Monica-based Rubicon Project said Monday that it has officially launched the firm's online advertising optimization service, and has entered a public Beta of the firm's offerings. The company, which optimized advertising inventory and ad networks for online publishers, said that it will now allow any website interested in its services to sign up. The company had previously been in a private Beta with 750 web sites. The firm also said that it will provide hosted, free self-service ad servin (More info...)

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Buzznet Buys Music Blog
Los Angeles-based Buzznet, an online social media and networking site focused on music, said Monday that it has acquired Idolator, a music blog owned by Gawker Media. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Idolator is a blog which provides music reviews, recommendations, and commentary on music, and was started in 2006. Buzznet said that Idolator will continue to maintain its editorial direction, with founding editor Maura Johnston. The acquisition of Idolator is the second blog (More info...)

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Secure Media Solutions Acquired By MediaXstream
Los Angeles-based Secure Media Solutions, a provider of applications, consulting, and managed workflow for production clients in the film and television industry, has been acquired by San Jose-based MediaXstream. Venture backed MediaXstream, which provides network services for the media and broadcast industry, did not disclose terms of the acquisition. According to MediaXstream, Secure Media Solutions assets and employees will become part of the firm's managed services offerings. MediaXtream is (More info...)

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Vitesse Takes On Energy Efficiency
Camarillo-based semiconductor provider Vitesse has launched a new software for its Ethernet ICs which the company claims improve energy consumption by 80 percent. The firm said that its upgraded software can provide up to 80 percent in energy reduction in its SpimpliPHY, Sprx, and G-RocX ICS. The power savings comes from a automatic power savings mode which detects unused Ethernet ports on network devices, and powers them down or places them in stand-by mode; and the ability to adjust the power (More info...)

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Qualcomm Inks Deal With TV Equipment Providers
San Diego-based Qualcomm revealed a relationship with three providers of Conditional Access (CA) products today, saying that it is collaborating with Irdeto, Nagravision, and MDS on its MediaFLOW mobile broadcast product. Financial details of the integration deals were not disclosed. According to Qualcomm, the providers develop systems that restrict pay TV to only paid subscribers; the integration will allow mobile TV service providers using MediaFLO to select whichever Conditional Access system (More info...)

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Mojix Unveils RFID Product, Company
Los Angeles-based Mojix said this morning that the firm has launched the firm, and unveiled a new set of RFID systems focused on the supply chain management and asset tracking market. The firm, which is venture backed by Oak Investment Partners, Red Rock Ventures and InnoCal Venture Capital, said that its RFID products use digital signal processing technology to radically improve RFID sensitivity, read range, and coverage area of RFID systems. The company said that its RFID technology is based o (More info...)

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Solarflare Rolls Out 10GBASE-T Transceiver
Irvine-based Solarflare Communications reported today that it has started sipping out a new, 10GBASE-T PHY transceiver, used for transmitting 10 Gigabit Ethernet over standard copper network cabling. The new silicon includes a new PHY, the 10Xpress SFT9001; and a vNIC controller, the SFC4000E. The firm said that the new generation of its PHY will sample in May to "top-tier" switch and server OEMS; the firm's new vNIC controller is currently sampling at server OEMs and other customers. Solarflare (More info...)

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Strix Systems Gets Public Safety Win
Calabasas-based mesh networking equipment firm Strix Systems disclosed today that the firm has been chosen by the City of Pittsburg, California for a public safety video surveillance network. The firm, which manufactures wireless mesh networking hardware, did not disclose financial impact of the equipment win. Strix Systems said that the mesh network was funded through public safety and homeland security grants, and has been used to capture both live and recorded, violent and non-violent crimes (More info...)

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