Friday, July 18, 2008
Interview with Olexiy and Olexandr Prokhorenko,
If you're like most people on the Internet today, you've got multiple profiles on many different social networking and other web sites. Undoubtedly you've come across the problem of having to update those profiles every time something changes. Olexiy Prokhorenko and Olexandr Prokhorenko--who are brothers from the Ukraine--co-founded a Los Angeles-based, seed stage startup called Atomkeep (, which is entirely focused on solving that problem. We sat down with Olexiy and Olexandr t (More info...)

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Breach Upgrades Appliance To Target PCI Compliance
Carlsbad-based Breach Security said earlier this week that it has updated its WebDefend web application security appliance, to make it easier for companies to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. PCI standards are the new requirements that the credit card industry is rolling out to secure e-commerce providers, to ensure that card numbers are not stolen or compromised. According to Breach Security, the upgraded software now ensures that credit card numbers and data cannot be displayed anyw (More info...)

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Musicshake Launches New Services
Los Angeles-based Musicshake, which operates an online service which allows users to create their own music, has rolled out new features this week. According to Musicshake general manager Kihong Bae, the service now allows users to export user-generated music into ringtones, export songs into Internet music service imeem, and share songs via phone. The firm has partnered with ToneThis for the ringtone features, and Phonevite for the sharing features. Musicshake's service allows non-musicians to (More info...)

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ContentGuard Inks Patent License With Nokia
El Segundo-based ContentGuard Holdings, Inc., a provider of intellectual property around digital rights management (DRM), said Thursday that it has inked a worldwide patent licensing agreement with Nokia Corporation. Terms of the license were not announced. ContentGuard said the technology covers consumer-friendly implementation of digital content distribution models such as content rental, content subscription, variable pricing, and secure peer-to-peer distribution. ContentGuard is a spinoff of (More info...)

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